My Kingsmill Moments

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Jessica C.
“This was our second stay at Kingsmill and the views were spectacular! Both of my girls absolutely love coming here, especially the lazy river and indoor pool with game room. So fun!”
Gabi L.
“Discs and Dad: For father’s day, the kids and I took their dad for a weekend away to celebrate father’s day! It was the perfect SURPRISE TRIP for him. We even brought our disc catcher to play a little disc golf while we stayed at Kingsmill. So awesome and perfect!”
Sheila H.
“Posing by the water - just chilling!”
Sue L.
Rebecca G.
“Had an amazing time visiting Kingsmill. It was our first time there and we will definitely be returning!!!”
Anayeli B.
Holly B.
“Late spring snowstorm in March 2018 caught us and a flock of Canada geese by surprise.”
Kelly C.
“Fun at the Pool 🏊🏼‍♀️ 😎”
Sandra A.
“What life is all about!”
Rob F.
“Beautiful day on and off the course.”
Anita C.
“Beautiful day! No worries! Best tennis instructor/hubby! New favorite hat!!!”
Rachel S.
“Alright so here goes our story... we’ve been to Kingsmill a total of three times and we will be back. Our first time we decided we wanted to take a mini trip somewhere. We stumbled across Kingsmill. We came for a long weekend in november and stayed in one of the condos and did the breakfast package. And can we say that was amazing! everything about the stay made us want to make it an annual trip. so we did... we came back for a second trip the following year in november which became our second trip to Kingsmill. we did the colonial williamsburg ticket and stay. we played golf, visited the spa and even had someone come out and make a fire in our place and did everything else we could on the resort which lead us to our third trip... on our third trip we took was this June on the 15th. during this trip we just stayed in one of the apartments which was literally just as good as a condo on this resort. since it was hotter the pool was open and can i say this is amazing time to go! it was absolutely beautiful. we ate at the james landing grille which the waiters and the view were stunning! we ended up eating there for the two nights because we loved it so much. later that night on the 15th my boyfriend actually walked me around to wareham’s pond and promised!!! so needless to say kingsmill has a very special place in our hearts. #virginiaisforlovers ♥️ this won’t be the last time we come back! so to describe the picture... top picture is our first trip together... bottom picture is the most recent stay and the day after he proposed... right on the james river!! We love you kingsmill!!”
Betty W.
“Birthday surprise for my husband to stay at Kingsmill Resort and play golf at the resort. The room was amazing and such a peaceful view the back of the patio. It was an extra special time together.”
Becky R.
“Watching the sunrise from the balcony at Elements.”
Mary G.
“Celebrating our Mom and Dads 50th wedding anniversary. Along their journey in life they raised 5 wonderful children. They tragically lost their youngest daughter at an early age. They managed to be a light to what it takes to be a strong family. Their children married and they brought their in-laws in as their own children and became their light to being better humans. They’ve inspired and guided their 10 grandchildren to be pure and good at heart. At Kingsmill they brought their family together to celebrate their 50 years of memories. In those memories , the family shared memories that were funny, heartfelt, sad, inspirational, motivational and inspiring. In a time when everyone is so busy with life , Kingsmill gave us a break from reality and focus on what is really important - Family... Thank you for making their 50 year celebration one of the best memories of their lives.”
Rikki J.
“Married 8/8/18 in the James River Ballroom!”
Patty C.
“For our 50th wedding anniversary, our children gifted us a lovely weekend at Kingsmill. We had a large King apartment with a full kitchen and living room overlooking the James River. We had chocolate-covered strawberries and chilled champagne waiting for us. Instead of sight-seeing we chose to stay on the grounds and enjoyed everything. The staff was wonderful and so accommodating. It was a truly memorable weekend.”
Kellie S.
“Our first ever trip to Kingsmill was to stay in a cottage to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday! It was extra special since the cottage was decorated for Christmas as well. We came back the next December to celebrate my 30th birthday in the same cottage!”
Alison W.
“My family and I had a wonderful dinner at your restaurant after a great day by the pool!”
Cindy W.
“First day at Kingsmill headed to the lazy river!”
Rachel S.
Jasmine V.
“Enjoying the river breeze”
Brooke B.
“My husband and I got married in January, so it’s usualy snowing on our anniversary. We try to take trips together to celebrate our anniversary. We had our baby and moved into our new house right at our first anniversary, so we didn’t really get to celebrate. We decided to take our anniversary trip that summer to Williamsburg and stayed at Kingsmill Resort. We instantly fell in love and didn’t want to leave. Everything about the place was like a dream. To this day it is the best resort I have ever stayed at. I took this picture out last night there and I still cannot get over how beautiful the entire resort is. We recommend it to everyone and definitely plan on coming back for more stays and memories!”
Justin K.
“My girlfriend and I stayed at the resort for her 24th birthday as well as our 3 year anniversary. After dinner at Elements, I wanted to find the perfect spot to propose. Just as the sun started to set, we took a walk down the pier and I was able to surprise her as I got down on one knee with an amazing background behind us. I tricked her into thinking we were taking a picture!”
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